Nefesh HaTalmid is a unique yeshiva high school that is partnered with ORT, Israel’s largest network of vocational trainings schools. The school has Torah studies in the morning, secular studies in the afternoon, as well as courses in auto mechanics, sound studio engineering and computers. When the kids graduate, they will be certified in one of the above fields. This is a first for the religious world here in Israel. The school services the Anglo population so 1/2 day is in English and the other 1/2 is in Hebrew.

Nefesh HaTalmid invites you to join the Business Sponsorship Program, which provides you with a unique opportunity to support a successful, well-needed school that gives direction to English-speaking Jewish youth in Israel.

To become a Nefesh HaTalmid business sponsor, we request a monthly donation, which is tax deductible. In return, we will put your logo on our website, and provide advertising on social media, and via our newsletter to our parents and followers.

Please consider investing in Nefesh HaTalmid, so that we can build a school that will make a difference in the lives hundreds of boys, giving us the opportunity in building the future of Klal Yisrael.