This week it says in לך-לך the following words.
“ ואברהם בן-תשעים ותשע שנה בהמלו בשר ערלתו ”

Rashi states a beautiful pshat saying that Avraham took the knife in one hand, and his עורלה in the other, about to cut but then became afraid and feared, that since he was old it wouldn’t work (either the pain to great or that his hands shook of age), so what did Hashem do? He sent out his hand and held on the knife with him, as it states “וכרות עמו הברית ” He made a covenant with him, and doesn’t say he made a covenant for him.

In essence what is this trying to say? I believe that this is one of the most beautiful ideas for us. Why? We always see Avraham as an amazing person, and he was. However sometimes we forget that he too was human. He was afraid, he got old, he had a lot of the same difficulties many people have now! We sometimes think that the past generations were perfect, and we are in the ground. We fail to recognize that they too were human. I think this is important, especially in our generation that we see that just because we have a challenge doesn’t mean we can’t be great people like Avraham!

I wish everyone a good week, and to be the best you can be.

Shabbat Shalom,

(special thanks to my dad for helping me prepare this dvar torah!)